2.15PM -  3PM 

"How to optimize your Google Ads account?"

Speakers : JVWEB 

Google Ads is THE essential lever to maximize your visibility and develop your business online. 

Since its creation in 2000, the platform continues to become more complex with ever more features, increased frequency, a very wide choice of optimization ... and the necessary investments always higher!

Through this conference presented by specialists JVWEB and Google, we will return to the basics and good practices of management / optimization of a Google Ads account. We will present the latest strategies to implement as well as the future features planned for 2019.

3PM - 3.45PM

"Google Ads: Discover the latest news and solutions for your growth!"

Speakers : GOOGLE

Find out the latest innovations announced recently or not exploited on Google Ads solutions that can help you make the difference and accelerate your growth on the Search Network, Shopping, Youtube and Display. 

BREAK - 15min


4PM -  4.45PM

"SEO Trends 2019"

Speakers : JVWEB 

1/ Mobile friendly  essential in 2019. Mobile or responsive website? Speed ​​of loading on mobile and choice of the elements to be displayed, all that you need to know to correctly position your mobile version.


2/ Boost the quality of your pages Content is King! Everyone talks about writing quality content, but what is it? How good is it?


3/ The netlinking: Does it still work? Informations to know about the creation of external links.
Which sites? What results to expect?


4.45PM -  5.30PM 

"Facebook Ads: Growth paths not to be missed"

Speakers : FACEBOOK 

Instagram Stories, Messenger Ads, Video and Storytelling, Instagram Checkout : discover the trends of Facebook products that should not be missed to be effective in your social ads strategies!

5.30PM -  6.15PM 

"Take advantage of the synergies between Facebook Ads and Google Ads for your acquisition campaigns"

Speakers : JVWEB 

Google or Facebook ? if the good choice was not to choose! Complementary, Google Ads and Facebook Ads each have their strengths and allow themselves to cover different territories and goals.

+1 case study


4.00PM -  4.45PM 

"Keywording, how to boost your affiliation program revenue"

Speakers : JVWEB 

Discover how to offer, convince and set up the "Keywording" channel on an affiliation program. Arguments, best practices, case studies, the JVWEB "+" and  training on key elements to help you discuss with your clients and help them to generate growth through affiliation!

Photos par : Liron Erel

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